Why don’t we draw anymore?

crow-sketch-1024I remember when I was a child; I loved to draw.  I would look forward to spending time in art class, mixing paints, and drawing whatever popped into my mind.  It was a fun, carefree time in my adolescent life.

The teacher, a woman in her…god, maybe her mid 30’s had such a free spirit, with such an encouraging personality, she would empress on us all to explore our imaginations.

It has been a long time since I was that small child back in elementary school.  The world is a lot darker and unforgiving than I remember, compared to long ago. I haven’t drawn anything in a very long time.  I complain that I do not have the skills, patience, or time to sit down and just sketch something out. But time has a way of forcing us to reflect on our past and what seemed so right back then, possibly it could be brought back into the light, dusted off and possibly rejuvenate us, maybe even turn back the clock a little.

The crow shown above is my stab at getting back into drawing again. I can make the time to explore my imagination.  I have decided that if there are some ground rules to how and where I draw, possibly this won’t be such a bad idea, maybe it might turn out to be enjoyable.   The ground rules are that I only draw for thirty minutes, the topic that I am sketching is chosen ahead of time, and if possible there is guidance on drawing the subject.

If you are interested in giving it a shot, I have provided a link below to the same instructional tutorial that I used to draw this weeks subject (a crow).


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