To the INFJs out there “Do what you want”

The most important lesson I have learned, is to “do what you want”, in life , using your intuition  as your guide, and look inwards for life’s answers. 

Honestly, I’m now forty, and it took me this long to figure this out. I have come to realize  limiting beliefs, fears, and anxieties are mostly fictitious. These are the only things holding you back from living a truly authentic existence.

As INFJs we have a tendency to look outside ourselves for guidance on what decisions we should make in life.  But the truth is that we have the gift of intuition which is the best guidance system that we can hope for in making sound decisions for ourselves.  Trust your intuition. 

The craziest thing about being an INFJ is that we can peer behind the masks of other people, and know things they don’t even know about themselves, however we are completely oblivious about ourselves, and what makes us tick. It’s not surprising, INFJs are walking contradictions in more than one way.  But please do not expect your best friend, parents, or complete a stranger for that matter to give you sound advice on what you should do for a career or life matter. Only you can answer these questions truthfully.  How  is a complete stranger supposed to know what your path in life should look like if you are an enigma even to yourself. Find yourself through practicing meditation, journaling, and mindful awareness. Once you gain enough self awareness, decisions big and small are a lot easier to answer.  

Honestly this dilema is not just isolated to INFJs.  Every personality type has this issue.  It all comes down to taking the time to really understand yourself. Discomfort, time , and effort is involved, but it’s well worth it. 

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