No better time than the present

The present has weight,  it has more substance than the past or future.  Its tangible value holds unforeseen promise that if used right can affect the change that you yearn for, but you have to get started, and most importantly you have to want to change.

Without the deep desire to changed, you can stay moored to your current self literally forever. Well you ask, isn’t this ok, why do I need to change, do I have to change ?  Change is occurring all around us, whether we like it or not. You may not notice it one day to the next, but over a span of months, and years it becomes abundantly obvious change does occur.  And if you won’t change,  life has a way of deciding your future for you, and most of the time it’s not pretty.

I have been oblivious to this simple truth, the majority of my life.  I have drifted aimlessly for so many years, lost in thought, and unaware of who I truly was as a person. It was only until I had a existential crisis, that I clearly saw how much in my life I needed to change.  Maybe this is clairvoyance alcoholics talk about, one day they see the error of their ways, and they quit drinking cold turkey, permanently .  I felt I was in a bad spot, in my life, and a total makeover or do over was needed asap to rectify the situation.

It was scary, and confusing at first, but I knew I needed to pursue changes in my life.  I ended up quitting smoking, exercising more, eating healthier, cut down drastically on my drinking, and sought out therapy.  Through this process, one tool in my toolkit that I have found, and continue to find pivotal on my journey of self growth, is meditation.

After almost a year of meditation, I have come to learn that the root of all my ills was my poor self talk, and mindless inner dialogue.  With meditation, this can be remedied.   Today, I am more calm, and I make better decisions.  I continue to improve and observe new nuances in the way I think, which will allow me to take corrective action. Meditation is free, and can take up as little as a few minutes of your time, everyday.   There are a number of free advice columns , and instructional videos on the web. I encourage you to check them out.  It will do wonders for your life.

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