Searching for the right career, when you are an INFJ

I was just thinking about what I like about my current job as support engineer, and what I do not like. What draws me to this type of work and what pressure points do I see in it.

I have observed others in my work group enjoy digging into a problem, while I have trouble with these new situations and issues. I will pull the support ticket right away, I feel a deep sense that I have the confidence to solve the problem, though I do not relish digging deep into the problem. The more time my mind has to sift through a heavy sea of details the more I become stressed. My body tenses, and my teeth clench.

I enjoy work where I can master a field, I believe. This does not mean that I enjoy simple tasks, the opposite is actually true. I enjoy mind intensive work, but I believe that the joy comes where I have gained a mastery over a skill set, and then the next level where my creativity and intuition can come into the fold, and I can manipulate, and toy with ideas, shapes, colors. This is very different from what the current type of work I am doing.  The product constantly changes, so mastery is elusive at best.  It is very frustrating to this INFJ

I am also very independent, and introverted. I am not embarrassed about this in any way. I am just clarifying strong and important traits related to my personality. I am keenly aware that the corporate world overlooks introverts, and I have to be mindful of this, and how it can affect my job standing, and my future prospects of a promotion. My introversion, also leaves me with a need for a quiet work environment, and long periods of time to be left alone to work. I would not do well in a career where a lot of socializing, conflict, and details are involved.  Funny because conflict and attention to detail are two major parts of my current job.

I have a deep need to master a skill set. Currently my plan is to focus on web design and coding. I seem to be drawn to both, and I can learn these on my own. This kind of work would allow me to work on my own, preferably in a quiet work environment. I would also be able to take these skills elsewhere if needed. I cannot say the same about my current stints as a technical support engineer.

I am curious about the other INFJs out there, what have you noticed are the major hinderances to finding a fulfilling “Authenticate” career.   Let me know, I would very much like to hear your opinions.

3 thoughts on “Searching for the right career, when you are an INFJ

  1. I spent nearly twenty years trying different authenticate careers (or as I call them social norm accepted careers), even going so far as to get a degree in human services so I could become a case manager. Finally, this year, I realised my true calling was writing and my INFJness would never be truly satisfied with anything less. So, I chucked in F/T case management, dramatically cut my days back to 2 per week and have launched into my writing career (freelance and creative). I finally, after twenty years, feel satisfaction.

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    1. I might have you beat. I’m nearly forty, and I have only recently come to the realization that I am completely ill suited for the work I do. But, I feel I am finally on the right path. Living authentically is so freeing.

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      1. Good on you Chris!! (Not for taking so long to get there, but actually getting there!! )


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