Quench your hunger for self acceptance, by using gratitude as a tool to open your mind, and heart.

When you satisfy your own internal hunger for self acceptance, you gain a new healthier perspective on life.  People seem kinder to you, opportunities seem to open up for you, you smile more, and you are more aware of others feelings, and emotions.  The biggest take away is, the world did not change…….you changed.

      The tools available to start your life transformation can be vast, but the one I have found the most helpful is writing in a gratitude journal.  It can take as little as 5 minutes, and to see results, you should expect to make a habit of journaling on a daily basis.   I can testify that it can completely change your perspective, and even more importantly your attitude.

     Write out 5 brief things that you are grateful for, in a notebook. Do not worry if you don’t believe what you write down is worthy of being grateful for, you are just trying to build a habit, at this point.  Eventually the process will become easier.  Below is an example of what I wrote today.
May 13,2017  Saturday  –  Gratitude

  1.  I am grateful for this sunny day
  2. I am grateful I am healthy
  3. I am grateful I have access to food, and clean drinking water
  4. I am grateful for the family in my life
  5. I am grateful for having warm clothes.

These examples that I wrote down might seem trivial to some of us, but they are not.  There are over 7.3 billion people on this planet, and the majority do not have access to these simple luxuries that many of us take for granted, such as clean drinking water, and shelter. If you continue this habit on a daily basis, your subconscious will start changing your life’s narrative in your mind.  Your perspective will change, along with your attitude.   This habit can bring a tremendous amount of happiness to your life, and all it took was a pen, piece of paper, and  5 minutes of your day.

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