Doubt-and-fearLife is full of uncertainty,  and I am not shy about admitting this….I DON’T LIKE UNCERTAINTY AT ALL.  I am the kind of person which likes to know what my upcoming days and weeks itinerary will look like. I admit that I am also a introvert, so maybe I am more inclined to behave in this manner compared to all the extroverts out there.  Everything about the future is uncertain, and there is no guarantee that we will have full control of every situation that we find ourselves in.   But here is the thing, if you live your life cautiously all of the time,  you are bound to miss out on some really great experiences and opportunities.

Some of the greatest moments in life are ones where the outcome was never planned and could not have been anticipated.  Stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to grow as a person, have new experiences, and gain more of a global perspective on life.  The problem is, it is so easy to stay within your comfort bubble. In order to change, and experience life you will need to step outside this bubble, and this can be daunting at best, and Down right terrifying at its worst. 

So if you are like me, and you would like to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, try thinking of something small that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable.  Possibly try having lunch at a different sandwich shop,  from where you usually go.  Try a different coffee drink that you have never tried, or even take a different path to or from your school or work.   The whole reason is to slowly move yourself out of the comfortable daily routine,  and shake things up a bit. 

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