This topic popped into my mind, early this morning while I was making a cup of coffee. Next to the coffee maker, I have a large stack of unsorted mail.  I had moved into the current house about two years, ago, and on random occasions the previous tenant’s mail still gets delivered to my address. Most of it is junk mail, that should be tossed out.   The usual process is after work, I check the mailbox and dump the unsorted mail in a pile with best intentions of sorting it later on.  A month or so back I received a piece of mail that was addressed to the previous tenant.  It looked like it could possibly contain a check.  Due to my procrastinating nature, I had tossed it in the pile of mail with good intentions of sorting it later on.

It just so happened that this piece of mail was sticking out of the pile, when I glanced at the mail pile, this morning.  I picked it out of the pile, and held it up to the light.  It was a check for over $300.00.  The thing is that I have had this piece of mail in my mind for the past month or so.  I was procrastinating on how to get the mail back to the original owner, and now that I knew that there was a check inclosed for a large sum of money, I just knew I was going to procrastinate more simply because I did not know how to resolve the issue.

This seems like a silly example, but I do not believe it is. We procrastinate about small and large issues alike.   Procrastination is born by our irrational fear, and internal tension of not knowing how to resolve a issue.  Over the last month or so, my mind was wasting small amounts of energy on worrying about what was in the envelope and how to get it back to the sender.  I could feel that I was on the path of retrenching this behavior, if I did not do something immediately.   So, I went online, and looked up how to return mail sent to the wrong address.  I discovered that the process was very simple, and I even went straight out to the mailbox so that it would be ready for pickup today.

The results were immediate relief, and a sense of accomplishment.  I had broken the procrastination loop,  learned how to return mail sent to the wrong address, and my subconscious is no longer preoccupied with how I was going to resolve this issue.

If you are procrastinating about something, sit down and define what the issue is, and see if there is a way to resolve it, immediately.  The key is to get over the irrational fear of not knowing, and just get started.  I hope this helps and if you would like to learn more about how to get over procrastinating,  check out a really good Podcast channel “Iprocrastinate podcast”.

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